CEP812: Wicked Problem of Rethinking Teaching

Untitled Infographic (1)

Image represents the complexity of the problems with our school system. Created with Piktochart.

For hundreds of years, American school systems have been operating in virtually the same manner; the teacher is the keeper of the knowledge and transfers this pre-determined set of knowledge to students in a same, rote fashion year after year. However, as world continues to change, school systems must change as well- we must rethink teaching.

This is the Wicked Problem that my groups was challenged to find a solution for over the course of CEP812. We soon found out just how wicked this problem really is. In order to truly rethink teaching, schools must change both what and how they are teaching students. This is no easy task. To find out more about this Wicked Problem of rethinking teaching, and my group’s complex solution, read our white paper below.


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