CEP800: Powerful Learning Experiences

For my CEP800 class this week I created a podcast where I analyzed an interview done with one of my first-grade students. The topic of this interview was why we have night and day, and where the sun and moon go when we can’t see them. The goal of this interview was to identify student misconceptions and to understand their understanding. Listening to the interview and picking it apart made me realize how developed student theories can be. The student I interviewed has never been explicitly taught any of the information he knows. He has developed his understandings completely on his own, yet he still had a fairly detailed explanation for why we have night and day. Listen to my full podcast below.

I learned a lot about student misconceptions through this project, but I also learned how to create a podcast using Garage Band. This was my first time using this software. It took some time and several YouTube tutorials to get it figured out, but once I got the basics down it was fun editing and arranging my sound clips. This is something that would be fun to do in the classroom as a final project and I will definitely try to incorporate this sometime.


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