CEP810: Final Reflection

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Before beginning CEP810, I had hoped I would learn how to better incorporate technology into my classroom. I am happy to say that this course fulfilled my hopes. Through CEP810, I have learned to look at technology through a new lens.

My favorite part of this course was the Network Learning Project. Through this project I not only got the chance to learn an awesome new skill (slacklining), but I also got to learn just how useful YouTube videos were. Prior to this course, I often turn to the internet for answers to my questions or for a recipe so I have always found help forums to be helpful. For my NLP, I found out I needed more visual assistance so I turned to YouTube. I did not realize how many help videos there were on YouTube. It is extremely helpful to see someone do a task and explain it at the same time. I have since used YouTube to fix my Keurig! I will definitely be incorporating this type of learning in my classroom. Many students need visuals or they need to see or hear something in man ways before they really understand it. I feel that I can find videos on the internet to supplement my lessons and give students additional explanations to concepts we learn.

Through CEP810, I gained something I did not expect to. I got the opportunity to expand my Professional Learning Network. I always had friends and colleagues to turn to, but there is a whole different world out there online for me to turn to. Through blogging and tweeting I have grown to enjoy putting my thoughts out onto the web for others to read. I have also learned so much from reading my classmates’ work. Until this course, I never understood how useful Twitter could be, after all, how much can one say in 140 characters? I could not have been more wrong. Through Twitter, I have found amazing articles, videos, and knowledgable people. I will continue to use Twitter to learn more. I would love to also set up a classroom “Twitter”. I think it will be a great way for my students to share thoughts about what they are learning.

After completing my 21st century lesson plan and learning about TPACK, I feel more prepared to incorporate technology into my classroom in a truly useful way. I now see so many more possibilities for using technology in lessons than ever before. After learning about TPACK, I realize that I need to look past the intended purpose of tools and technologies and think of new ways to make them useful in my classroom. If I can look at technology with this open mind, I know I will continue to find more ways to incorporate technology. That was exactly what I wanted to get out of this course. Prior to this course, I have used my SmartBoard and the internet, but that was never really “innovating”. My SmartBoard simply replaced my whiteboard and I was using an iPad just as an internet browser. I was “incorporating” technology, but nearly to its fullest potential. CEP810 has opened my mind to the possibilities of using technology in amazing ways in my classroom, and I am more excited than ever for next school year so I can try them all out! I hope to keep tweeting about my technology experience as I continue to learn more, so be sure to check back and follow my progress on Twitter!



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