CEP810: Cooking with TPACK

This week in CEP810 I was assigned to complete a TPACK quickfire activity. For this assignment, I was to ask a friend to choose a plate, bowl, and utensil of their choice. I would then use and repurpose those three kitchen tools to either cut cheese, fruit, vegetables, make a peanut putter and jelly sandwich, or make whipped cream. I randomly selected the option to make a fruit salad. Using the small bowl and plate and set of measuring spoons that were chosen for me, I took on the task of cutting up two apples and assembling my fruit salad. I repurposed the measuring spoons two different ways to cut up my apples. I initially tried scooping out chunks of apple with the measuring spoon. This reminded me of using a melon baller, but with not-as-good-looking results. I thought maybe I could use the side of the handle as a knife to cut bigger slices of the apple. This method ended up not working well because the handle was too dull. Watch my video below to see how I faired!

This activity was meant to get me thinking about how to use a tool for something other than its intended purpose, just as Dr. Mishra suggests we need to do with technology. In his keynote lecture, Mishra explains that technology was not made for education, but we need to find ways to repurpose it to make it useful in our classrooms. This activity showed me that I must think outside the box. I cannot look at tools and technologies as being useful solely for their intended purpose.


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