CEP810: Network Learning Project Post #3

Over the course of the last four weeks I have been learning how to slackline for my network learning project. To learn this new skill, I could only turn to YouTube and Help Forums for instruction. Using the Internet to learn how to do something was not new for me, but I usually don’t turn to videos. In the beginning, I turned to both YouTube and help forums, such as WikiHow, to guide my learning. I quickly found that the video instructions were much more helpful. When setting up the slackline I could watch a video and do exactly as the video instructed as they did the same steps in the video. When learning slacklining technique, I could easily pause the video to try the new skill out myself, and replay it if I needed the instruction again. Any time I had a specific question, I could type it into YouTube and a video specific to my question was available. There are so many video resources available I will definitely be turning to YouTube when I need to learn how to do something.

Using networked learning to learn a new skill has showed me that I can learn anything using help forums and YouTube. I am currently trying to learn more about the SIOP Model using the network learning approach. I am turning to YouTube for instructional videos discussing key components of the model. YouTube videos also show classroom examples to enhance the explanation of each component of the SIOP Model which is extremely helpful. Since I have found networked learning to be so helpful to me, I definitely see possibilities for its use in school with my colleagues and my students. Like myself, my colleagues are learning about the SIOP Model. I know many of them have turned to the official website or scholarly articles, but seeing the model in action through video has been helpful for me and is something I will be recommending. In my classroom, I emphasize the importance of finding quality information on the internet in my classroom. For younger students, learning from information online in print can be difficult. In the future, will be having my students learn through the network learning style by having them turn to online videos to enhance their learning. Instead of YouTube, I might have students use the educational, school safe website TeacherTube.

Through this Network Learning Project, I can happily say that I have made a lot of progress in learning to slackline and have overcome many obstacles along the way. In the beginning, setting up the slackline took very careful planning and many attempts to ensure that I set it up straight. Encountering trouble with setting up the slackline is something that I never anticipated, and YouTube videos were especially helpful for this portion since I could see step-by-step exactly what to do. In terms of actually slacklining, I definitely expected to have trouble learning this skill. I learned the basics from YouTube and WikiHow, such as how to place your feet on the line, where to look, and how to hold your arms. I still have not mastered the suggested technique of getting up onto the slackline one foot at a time. I cannot get the slackline to stop shaking. Unfortunately, there is no video or forum that can help me here, only practice!

Although I still have learning to do, here is my final video showcasing all that I have learned. In the video, I explain how to set up my slackline, show what I have learned so far, and talk about the difficulties I have encountered along the way. Enjoy!


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